Pumped Pricing: Higher taxes for used cars this year, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia – Budget reforms in British Columbia may impact the used vehicle market sooner than expected, according to a disgruntled official opposition critic. Starting Oct. 1, private vehicle sales will be taxed based on the vehicle’s reported purchase price and the average wholesale value. This tax will apply to the greater of the […]

The Plaid Panther: Pfaff Motorsports headed to Daytona for 24-hour race

Vaughan, Ontario — The master repairers over at Pfaff Motorsports can practically see the palm trees in the distance as the Vaughan, Ont. shop loads up its plaid-painted Porsche 991.2 GT3 R race car for the journey to Daytona Beach. The team is on the way down to Florida to compete in a 24-hour endurance […]

Talking Shop: Thursday’s AIA Curbside Chat to cover aftermarket future

Toronto, Ontario — Got time for a chat? Join AIA Canada chairman Bob Jaworski this Thursday as he sits down with Mike Kealey from Dorman Products to talk about the ever-changing aftermarket landscape. This week’s AIA Canada Curbside Chat, “Today’s challenges, tomorrow’s opportunities. A changing landscape for the automotive aftermarket”, is currently scheduled for 11 […]