New Audatex start-up launches first product, RepairMatch

Some of the Audatex team members behind the new 'start-up' S3. From left, Slevin Zhang, Full-Stack Developer; Andrew Harrison, VP Growth and Innovation and Hafiz Kanji, Product Manager.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — March 8, 2017 — In this new era of web-connected cars, Silicon Valley and Detroit have come together like no other time in history. The start-up culture of the west coast is melding with Motor City muscle, and the recent launch of a new digital app for the collision […]

Unlocking information: Audatex Canada officially launches AudaVIN for Shops

Michel Caron of Audatex Canada says AudaVIN for Shops helps repairers to unlock the car's 'DNA,' providing as much information as possible at the very first stage of the repair process.

By Mike Davey Toronto, Ontario — October 26, 2016 — Audatex Canada has officially launched AudaVIN for Shops, the company’s latest tool for the collision repair industry. There’s a lot of information contained in that string of 17 digits, but Audatex Canada says the last six digits contain a wealth of useful data that hasn’t […]