Explosive Expression: Artist turns exploded Lamborghini into NFTs

Toronto, Ontario — If you’re a fan of supercars and still not positive on what an NFT actually is, prepare for a one-two of confusion as it turns out that the act of blowing up a Lamborghini could actually be made more expensive. As part of their latest project, entitled “$CAR”, “NFT performance artist” Shl0ms […]

Quite the Impression: Canadian-designed and painted classic hits the auction space

Montreal, Quebec ⁠— Art and auto enthusiasts, unite! A specially-painted 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera is going up for auction.  The car, designed by Montreal-born artist Jean-Pierre Lafrance and painted onto the car by autobody painter Yves Thibeault. Thibeault used airbrushes, hand brushes, spray paints, markers, finger-painting, and sanding to translate Jean-Pierre Lafrance’s directives onto the […]