Bag It Up: Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council calls on eBay to end airbag sales on site

Dearborn, Michigan — The Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council (A2C2) has issued a call-to-action for eBay to cease its sale of airbags and airbag components, stating that it is the “only way to prevent the sale of dangerous counterfeit airbags” on A2C2 said it has been working with e-commerce marketplaces like eBay since 2015, highlighting the […]

Assets in Airbags: Lacero Solutions turns airbags to recyclable materials

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— When the Takata airbag crisis first gripped the globe in 2018, Keshav Kochhar and his team saw an opportunity and took to the drawing board to create an innovative solution for safely destroying and recycling end-of-life and defective/recalled airbags. Since then, their company Lacero Solutions has received and deployed 275,000 airbags and […]

Toyota recalls 1.7 million vehicles

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — January 11, 2019– Toyota is joining Ford and Honda in recalling 1.7 million vehicles in North America equipped with the potentially deadly Takata airbag.  Toyota made the announcement on Wednesday and is not the first OEM to recall these airbags. Automakers such as Ford, and Honda have already issued […]

The importance of airbag scanning

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – September 26, 2018 — There are a lot of myths and inconsistencies running around the world of collision repair regarding the proper discourse on what to do with the airbag after an accident if the bag does not deploy.

Audi Canada recalls thousands of cars over defective sensor

Toronto, Ontario – July 10, 2018 — Audi Canada is recalling approximately 3,000 vehicles, after the car manufacturer discovered a malfunction with its passenger side airbag sensor.    Audi estimates that there are 2,672 vehicles that could be affected by the flaw; these models include the A6, A7, RS7, S6 and S7 from 2016-2018.   Affected vehicles […]

Mazda recalls 270,000 cars after airbag scare

Mazda has recalled close to 270,000 vehicles due to an airbag scare

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — July 6, 2018 —Japanese automaker Mazda has recalled close to 270,000 vehicles equipped with Takata airbags, which the company fears have the potential to explode, according to the Associated Press.    The possibility exists that, under certain conditions, chemicals used in the inflation of the airbags could start […]

New development leverages airbag tech for accurate crash notification

CalAmp says its Instant Crash Notification provides users with immediate notification of a collision, as well as extensive reporting of crash data.

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — October 20, 2016 — It’s pretty much a given that the sooner the insurer and repairer are informed of an accident, the faster they can take action. This is where CalAmp’s new product, Instant Crash Notification, comes in. Instant Crash Notification is the first of the company’s proprietary, patented […]

Total Takata airbag recall now possible

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — February 17, 2016 — The Takata airbag saga seems to be inflating to a new level of complexity and concern. Last month Federal safety regulators in the US confirmed that a South Carolina man died in December as a result of an explosion in a Takata airbag that wasn’t […]