Camera Lens: Hayden AI patents camera system that mounts behind windshield, works in all light

Toronto, Ontario — A newly patented camera system from a San Francisco-based AI developer may be the stepping stone to lower-cost windshield repairs that customers are looking for. The new “camera-based perception system” from Hayden AI is housed behind the vehicle’s windshield, unlike traditional ADAS camera systems that are often mounted to the exterior of […]

AI Intern: Toyota unveils generative AI vehicle design process

Toronto, Ontario — The emerging industry for generative AI software is making its way into OEM vehicle design, as Toyota unveiled Tuesday a new AI-powered process that allows its designers to create multiple versions of a vehicle prototype within minutes. Toyota engineers and designers are now able to simply draw the desired body lines of […]


Nine ways use to AI language models in your shop Story by ALLISON ROGERS If you didn’t understand artificial intelligence (AI) two months ago, you surely have a better grip on it now. ChatGPT has made sure of that. AI has advanced rapidly in the last two years—so fast, in fact, that even the experts […]

Robotic Reassurance: Automated paint inspection procedures at BMW’s Regensburg plant an industry first, OEM says

Regensburg, Germany — In what is being considered an industry-first move from the German automaker, BMW announced Tuesday that its Regensburg, Germany plant has cemented an end-to-end automated process for inspecting painted vehicle surfaces. The company says it has been using AI-controlled robots to process each vehicle individually to quality standards and has ultimately resulted […]

AI-Powered Production: CSN Elite releases collision repair ‘documentary’, written by ChatGPT and narrated by speech synthesizer

North Vancouver, British Columbia  – We ran a recent survey asking readers if they understood the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the bodyshop. The results indicated that most have a fairly limited understanding of how AI and collision centres work together. But Connor Jameson, operations manager at Vancouver’s CSN Elite and Elite Express, just […]

CCC, AI MVP: CCC wins two awards for AI innovation, organization from Business Intelligence Group

Toronto, Ontario — The Business Intelligence Group announced Tuesday that the estimation experts over at CCC Intelligent Solutions have been presented with not one, but two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Excellence Awards for its impressive use of the emerging technology. CCC Estimate – STP, the company’s industry-first AI-powered estimating platform, took the top spot in the […]

EV/AV Report: Sensor startups and advertising investigations

Toronto, Ontario — The federal government announces an investment into interconnected autonomous vehicle (AV) network testing in Ottawa, British Columbia reports a drop in electric vehicle (EV)  rebate claims and a new organization begins investigating allegations against Tesla for false advertising. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Cash Injection The government of […]