Market Dominance: 81 percent of ADAS crashes are from Teslas, says NHTSA investigation

Toronto, Ontario – A recent fatal collision involving a Tesla vehicle and a motorcyclist has invigorated ongoing investigations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, with Teslas now representing 81 percent of all ADAS-related collisions in the United States. According to Bloomberg, this is the 18th fatal crash in an ongoing NHTSA investigation in ADAS […]

Daunting Data: Tesla makes up for nearly 70 percent of U.S. ADAS-related crashes, NHTSA says

Toronto, Ontario — The first-ever mandated release of advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) crash data took place on Wednesday, revealing that 273 crashes involving ADAS have been linked to Tesla since July of 2021—more than any other automaker. More than 500 total crash reports from automakers and tech companies were submitted to the National Highway Traffic […]