Symach Talks: Featuring Steve Knox

Fredericton, New Brunswick — CARSTAR Fredericton General Manager and Collision Repair columnist Steve Knox was recently featured in a Symach YouTube video hosted by Raffaella Censi, Symach marketing manager, discussing how his business has been coping amid the pandemic and the benefits of having a Symach-equipped shop. 

Knox, the general manager of CARSTAR Fredericton’s two locations said  his facilities have remained open during the coronavirus restrictions, adding that the business only reduced their operating hours by one hour per day to correspond to the car rental company’s hours.  

The customer waiting areas at both locations were closed to maintain social distancing and management set up a process to accommodate customers during repairs. 

Knox also told Censi having a Symach equipped shop has been beneficial throughout the pandemic. 

“With the Symach system, the way that our shop was designed, all our technicians are able to keep their distance from one another.”

Knox said their Symach shop is well lit, with finished floors and clean smooth surfaces, making the space ideal for easy scrub downs and cleanliness. 

He recommends all shop owners try to start out with a clean environment because it makes it much easier to notice dirt and areas that need to be cleaned. 

“When you have a clean environment you maintain a clean environment.”

Click here to watch Knox’s full interview, or here for more episodes of Symach Talks from Symach customers around the world.


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