OCTOBER 20, 2021— 2PM ET

check your blind spoTs

Is your production floor truly equipped for modern repair standards?

what you'll hear:

viva la volume

Collision claims are nearing pre-pandemic volumes. Are your team and tools equipped to handle the workload?


What are your goals? How do you define them? Most importantly, how do you plan on reaching them? Tim outlines strategies to help you stay on track.

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spanesi's secrets

The Spanesi Americas team has traversed collision businesses across North America—they know what works best, no matter your situation.


The latest insights on top-of-the-line equipment—including a deep dive into the features of Spanesi's new 14,500A Automatic squeeze-type resistance spot welder!


Ask for answers! The session will be followed by a Q&A, where Tim will come prepared to answer your training and equipment questions.


Timothy W. Morgan is the COO and Managing Director of Spanesi Americas, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Spanesi, S.p.A., a global Italian collision repair equipment manufacturing company. In his current role, Timothy has lead Spanesi Americas, Inc. since its inception in 2012 and has grown the organization to include more than 40 regional distributors that provide products and services to over 40,000 collision repair facilities, throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

Timothy has over 40 years of experience in the collision repair industry and over 20 years of experience within the collision equipment distribution market. Timothy’s experience with LEAN operations in the OEM based repairs and equipment distribution sector has led to many opportunities including; national and international training, technical support, marketing, sales, and product designs.
Timothy has held numerous positions during his career, including; collision repair technician, collision repair facility manager within a dealership, collision repair facility owner, technical instructor, educator and director of collision repair at a nationally accredited technical college.
Tim Morgan, Spanesi
Allison Rogers is a reporter and editor with Media Matters. She reports on the collision repair industry daily and regularly contributes to the company's host of magazines, including Collision Repair magazine, Bodyworx Professional, Canadian Auto Recycler and Collision Quebec. Allison is also the host of the Collision Repair magazine podcast, Industry Insider.
Allison Rogers, Collision Repair magazine


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