Solid Strategy: B.C. Gov announces fairness officer to save ICBC

B.C.'s Attorney General David Eby announced a cap on minor injury claims.

January 31, 2020 — Victoria, British Columbia — A new plan to save the Insurance Company of British Columbia money is raising eyebrows.

On January 29, the Provincial Attorney General announced plans to create an independent fairness office within the Crown insurer, one with the goal of increasing accessibility to its services.

“I think it’s no secret that many British Columbians simply don’t trust ICBC and that is a problem,” Eby, a New Democrat, told press.“British Columbians should have the peace of mind that they will be treated fairly after they’ve been injured in a crash.”

The fairness office will provide recommendations to the ICBC, which the corporation will be obliged to respond to.

Previously, a cabinet appointed official had prepared recommendations for the ICBC, which has been criticized for its in transparent annual statements. Among the changes the Province insisted on the insurer making was implementing a policy paying claimants without requiring they waive the right to later sue the insurer.

The fairness office will be run by a provincially appointed fairness officer, who will begin work by Spring, 2021.

It is unclear whether these new policies will affect the day-to-day routines of collision repair businesses in B.C.

It is also unclear how these new policies are expected to lower costs for the public insurer, whose finances Eby once described as a “dumpster fire.”

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