Soliciting the Seal: Tesla sends employee recruitment email to certified network, their employees

Palo Alto, California ⁠— Collision repair facilities in the United States are reporting Tesla emails that outrightly recruit Tesla-certified technicians and estimators, Repairer Driven News reported on Wednesday. 

According to the email obtained by Repairer Driven News⁠—bearing the subject line “Tesla Collision Tech Referrals⁠—Who Do You Know?” —Tesla is “seeking experienced Collision Technicians who can join the team in San Jose, California.” Sent from a recruiter at Tesla’s Palo Alto, Calif. facility, the email went on to ask if the recipients “knew anyone in [their] network that would be interested in working at Tesla.” A benefit one-pager was attached to the email, “for review,” as well as a link to apply. 

According to an anonymous planner cited by Repairer Driven News, the email was sent to all technicians, estimators and “whoever else was signed up for training” in their organization. 

In a world where it has proven difficult enough to hire employees⁠—not to mention associated training costs invested by collision repair centres⁠—businessowners are unsettled by the automaker’s move. 

Tesla stopped answering press inquiries in 2020 and disbanded not only its press department but its entire public relations team. Repairer Driven News reported it had reached out to the automaker, as well as the original sender of the email, but received no response.

Collision Repair magazine has received notifications of similar situations occurring in Tesla’s Canadian network.


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