Slow Down: Photo radar units put into effect across the GTA

Toronto, Ontario Cameras have been placed around school and community zones across the GTA to reduce speeding and prevent collisions. 

Up until this Monday drivers had simply received warning letters from the cameras, but starting July 6, 2020 drivers will now be ticketed. 

Currently, 50 units are in place to track speed and capture licence plate information on speeding drivers. The program entitled, ‘The Automated Speed Enforcement Program’ is part of ‘Vision Zero’, a movement meant to reduce deaths and injuries from traffic collisions. 

The overall goal of the movement is to change driver behaviour through fines and public education. The hope is to also induce what is called the “halo effect” where drivers slow down when they think there is a camera watching, which also leads to reduced speeds when cameras are not present. 

For now the camera’s are all located in school zones but they are mobile so they can, and will be moved every three to six months. 

There are however, strict rules under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act that only allow the camera’s to be located on roads with a speed limit of 70 km/h or less, as well as a camera warning sign must be up for 90 days before a ticket can be issued. 

Studies show that automated speed enforcement cameras are effective at reducing speeding as well as collisions. 


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  1. I am all for helping protect our kids – but not anywhere else. We will vote out the conservatives or any other party who feels the need to re-introduce this cash grab.

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