Sick and Tire-d: Toyota, Subaru EVs face recalls over fear of loose wheels

Toronto, Ontario- In what’s being called an “embarrassing” development by CLSA analyst Christopher Richter, Toyota and Subaru have recalled over 5000 vehicles worldwide over concerns of loose wheels. These wheels have the potential of detachment. This can occur when drivers engage in hard braking and/or sharp turns, due to a loosening hub bolt.

The models affected are the Toyota BZ4X (2700 vehicles affected) and the Subaru Solterra (2600 vehicles affected). These models share components/manufacturing similarities, and therefore share similar defective parts. These vehicles were not yet customer-owned, instead being sent to dealers for test drives, floor modelling, and other promotional purposes.

Toyota Canada told Collision Repair it is aware of the recall involving the bZ4X in other markets. The OEM has not yet delivered any to Canadian dealers and said it will not release any in our market until the investigation is completed and a remedy is in place.

The vehicles found with this defect were driven in the U.S. and Japan markets.

The recall in question comes only two months after both companies released their first mass-produced all Electric Vehicles. This represents Subaru’s first attempt at an Electric Vehicle altogether. Both companies have garnered criticism for not moving out of the gas-powered car market quick enough, which they have countered by arguing for an array of types, models, and brands of all vehicles.

Toyota clarified that not all cars made in this model were subject to the recall but also did not announce how many vehicles they had built in total. While these recalls do not include familiar battery pack defects, it does represent another setback for the global EV market.


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