Shurhold introduces new Magic Wool Pads

The new Magic Wool Pads from Shurhold Industries.

Palm City, Florida — February 10, 2016 — Steel wool polishing pads have a number of uses, but they’re also subject to rust. According to Shurhold, the company’s new Magic Wool Pads deliver the polishing benefits of steel wool, but in a rust-resistant, ultra-fine pad.

Made from bronze metallic wool, Shurhold’s Magic Wool Pads can be used to clean windshields as well as removing rust and oxidation from chrome, stainless steel, copper and even brass surfaces without scratching. Magic Wool Hand Pads are sold three to a package.

For cleaning more expansive areas like windshields, Magic Wool Polisher Pads feature a standard hook-and-loop backing, allowing them to be used with the original Shurhold Dual Action Polisher.Magic Wool Polisher Pads are sold two to a package.

For more information, please visit shurhold.com/auto.


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