Secure Your Benz: Mercedes-Benz and IBM collaborate on new anti-theft service

Toronto, Ontario — Mercedes-Benz and IBM have teamed up to fight back against vehicle theft by integrating a brand new anti-theft service right into the Mercedes me smartphone app.

The service, called “Urban Guard – Stolen Vehicle Help”, uses a combination of vehicle, consumer and position data to help law enforcement track down stolen vehicles more easily.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a U.S. industry membership organization, car thefts rose in the U.S. by 9.2 percent over 2020, and Mercedes says they are doing what they can to help drivers keep an extra eye on their vehicles.

“Increasingly, consumers expect and value digital, connected services equally to the drive performance of the vehicle, meaning connected car experiences are as important as horsepower or handling,” said Juergen Braun, v-p of industrial and automotive at IBM DACH.

“Developing connected car services that help safeguard the owner’s investment is a meaningful way for Mercedes to deepen its relationship with its customers, as well as differentiate itself.”

The “Urban Guard – Stolen Vehicle Help” service was initially made available to European customers in November 2020. Following effective recovery efforts, the service is now available to eligible customers in select countries in North America and Asia Pacific.


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