Secure the Bag: Rexall Solutions to unveil Rex-Allbag, reusable aerosol can at SEMA 2022

Toronto, Ontario — SEMA 2022 is already only a few weeks out and Rexall Solutions believes they have this year’s product spotlight in the bag—or rather, the company’s new product under the spotlight for this year is…a bag. Introducing the Rex-Allbag.

This innovative new approach to aerosols changes the delivery method of your favourite spray-based products by concentrating them into their own pre-measured 250ml pure-product bags for use in a one-size-fits-all, reusable aerosol canister.

“The beauty of it is, you buy the canister once and use it with whole lines of products,” said Ryan Rahbar, Rexall’s president.

“The bottom of the can has this nozzle that anyone with an air compressor can use, plus it even comes with a portable air compressor.”

Rahbar is hoping the Rex-Allbag can provide collision repair technicians with an environmentally friendly, air-travel safe alternative for the many aerosol products they use in repairs on a daily basis.

As well, he says that due to the lack of solvents and propellants that come pre-loaded in traditional aerosol canisters, the Rex-Allbag contains three times more pure product than its competition and is the only product in the North American market that can make that claim.

Rexall is currently in the process of adapting pre-existing product lines to function with the Rex-Allbag, though Rahbar says they have already developed a number of cleaning solvents, water-based degreasers and lubricants that will be available in Rex-Allbag form.

For more information, visit https://rexallsolutions.com/ or see the Rex-Allbag in person at SEMA 2022 at Rexall Solutions booth #33219.


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