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By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario  — March 6, 2019 — The Fix Auto team in Edmonton, Alberta knows more than a thing or two about fixing vehicles, having served the West Edmonton community since 1999. Founded on twin principles of providing exceptional customer service and the highest quality repairs, operations manager Mike Rosanova and his team take great pride in restoring vehicles to pre-accident condition.

In order to do so, the team must first diagnose the issues within the vehicle. This, however, is no easy task. Due to the complexity of technology in today’s vehicles, pre- and post-scanning procedures have become a necessity. For facilities serious about performing those vital procedures, there is no better option than to bring the ability to perform them in-house. And that is exactly what Rosanova decided to do.  After spending hours on research to find the scan tool to fit his facility’s exact needs Rosanova settled on Mitchell Diagnostics from Mitchell International—a decision he certainly does not regret.  

“Mitchell Diagnostics has the best overall vehicle coverage,” said Rosanova. “Also, all the features you get with a scanner designed specifically for collision repair are second to none.”  

Not only did the tool meet his needs, it far surpassed them, with its uniquely open platform solution and cloud connectivity.  

“Since we started using Mitchell Diagnostics, it has helped us become more efficient. This is due to the fact it integrates so well into the daily workflow of a high volume production shop,” Rosanova said.  “We take advantage of the wireless abilities provided through the vehicle communication interface, which means we aren’t tethered to the vehicle during a scan and can use our time more effectively.”  

Through Mitchell Connect, the scanner allows easy access to repair orders, estimates and recommended repair procedures for reference. It also works with the major platforms used to manage claims and repairs, and can even communicate with insurance stakeholders. Having a tool that can properly diagnose any vehicle is the first step to ensuring that a top quality repair is made.

For Fix Auto Edmonton West, Mitchell Diagnostics does that and more, allowing Rosanova and his team to focus on doing what they do best—repair.


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