SATA celebrates it’s 111th birthday

SATA celebrates it's 111th birthday
By CRM staff
Toronto, Ontario — August 28 — Despite celebrating its 111th birthday, SATA does not appear to be considering adopting a more leisurely pace, or slowing down at all.
The company is celebrating the big day with a special anniversary package that includes two SATAjet 5000 B spray guns available for a reduced price. The two sprayers, engraved with the anniversary logo, also come with a case. 
SATA is celebrating its 111th birthday with a special anniversary bundle that contains two high-performance SATAjet 5000 B spray guns in non-digital execution at a special anniversary price.
The special bundle’s sprayers may either both be RP guns, or have one RP and HVLP gun each. Buyers may also choose their favourite nozzle set, clearcoat and basecoat applications.
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