Saskatchewan set for highway upgrades

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — March 11, 2019 — Saskatchewan highways are about to receive a major upgrade.

A plan to improve the province’s highways was announced today by the Honourable Bernadette Jordan, minister of Rural Economic Development, and the Honourable Joe Hargrave, minister of Crown Investments and MLA for Prince Albert Carlton, on behalf of the Honourable Lori Carr, Minister of Highways and Infrastructure for Saskatchewan.

The project outlines improving 359 kilometres of highway, including work along 15 different stretches of highways 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 16, 33 and 39. The upgrades were announced as a plan to better protect Saskatchewan drivers, improve traffic flow, and boost trade to support economic growth and a strong middle class.

What is particularly interesting about the funding plan for the collision community is that it serves as an indication that–at least within the prairie province–officials and elected representatives still consider cars, and the highway infrastructure necessary for them, to be the solution to the province’s future transportation needs. 

“With investments like these, our government is creating safer, and more fluid travel for people who travel on Saskatchewan’s highway network. This work will help local businesses compete, promote a higher quality of life for residents and support the long term economic prosperity of this province,” said Bernadette Jordan.

“Since 2008, our government has made highways and transportation infrastructure a priority through record investments and safety improvements. As a province that is land-locked, we continue to invest to support our economic competitiveness and to improve the quality of life and safety for our people,” said Lori Carr.

Through the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan, the Government of Canada is investing almost $40 billion over 12 years in public transit projects and trade and transportation routes. 

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