Safety Strategy: Solera acquires eDriving, a software aimed fleet safety

Westlake, Texas — Solera has acquired eDriving, a software aimed to help to improve driver behaviour through risk assessment and safety solutions in commercial fleets.

eDriving is a phone app that helps organizations globally improve road safety by reducing injuries, license violations, and carbon emissions. The app analyzes the actions of the driver and provides insights as to how the driver could improve.

Based on statistics conducted by eDriving from 2018 to 2020 there were 240,000 drivers using the technology and altogether they drove roughly 1.7 billion miles. With the apps micro-training modules, high-risk drivers reduced their more dangerous driving behaviour by 32% and 38% over 6 and 15 months, respectively.

Currently, the app is only used for commercial fleet vehicles, but because of the success eDriving has seen since launching in 2017, Solera says that they are looking into pushing the product so that every driver can have access to the life-saving technology.

“eDriving’s complementary product line has the potential to greatly extend that capability. It makes sense to take advantage of our strong position in P&C and adapt portions of the eDriving product suite for use in Personal Auto,” 

Ed Dubens, the CEO of eDriving, says that merging the two companies is a decision that will allow for both to expand and develop, which will only help them to further the companies’ joint mission to keep more drivers safe.

“This is a strategic next step in our long-standing partnership with Solera and creates tremendous global market opportunities for both companies,” he said. “New and existing customers will have access to innovative solutions that improve road safety and protect their employees.”


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