Sabotage Slots: BMW cupholders provoke $5 million class-action lawsuit

Toronto, Ontario — A $5 million lawsuit is being brought against BMW following reports that the cupholders in X7 models are prone to causing electrical damage, and in some cases leading to a faulty airbag deployment.

In what sounds like a truly Final Destinationesque turn of events, it has been found that the X7 M50i’s cupholders are “not properly designed to hold cups filled with liquid”, according to the suit filed before Orange County District Court in California.

Despite entirely defeating the point of a cupholder, this flaw leads to an even deeper concern in that when a drink leaks in the cupholder “the wires for the SRS (airbag) control module, which sits directly underneath the cup holder, get wet and are damaged.” According to the suit, even “condensation on the cup” is enough to cause electrical issues

Taking things from bad to worse, this damage can in turn cause the airbags to deploy irregularly, which is both dangerous and costly.

A specific complaint identified in the suit recalled an incident where a small amount of a drink was “spilled onto the gearshift center console”, causing the vehicle to stall out in the left lane of the highway.

An excerpt from the complaint reads, “Goes into Park and won’t shift into drive or reverse and dash says bring to dealer immediately. Car gets towed to BMW and tech tells me the liquid damaged a part under the gear shift…cost to fix $2900.00 and not covered by warranty.”

If cupholder can no longer be trusted to hold cup, what is there left for us to believe in? A sacred trust has been broken, BMW.


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