Rondex concludes three-day annual general meeting

The Rondex team during their three-day annual general meeting.
By CRM Staff
Winnipeg, Manitoba — February 16, 2018 — After three days in Winnipeg, Rondex concluded its second annual general meeting (AGM). The meeting focused largely on maintaining strong relationships with company partners.
“The keyword is family,” say James Sun, marketing assistant, Rondex. “It’s a family-owned business. We care about our customers and take the extra mile to show them love and make them feel like they are part of the family.”
The meeting aimed to polish the company’s mission value statement. According to Sun, they went through the mission statement “as a company, word by word” to ensure they were using the proper terminology to define what their business stands for.
The company flew in its branch managers from nine of their locations across Canada so they could attend the meeting. They took the time to introduce any new managers and welcome them into the organization. “We try to eliminate the blind spots by having a monthly management team update meeting,” says Bret Greenwood, chief executive officer, Rondex. For the company “it was a great team-building opportunity.”
The meeting started by employees sharing their expectations for this year’s AGM. Other topics covered during the three days included reviewing sales numbers from 2017 and allocating budgets for the coming year. The company also spent time in a workshop with a guest speaker all the way from Australia, Alan Mitz. They brought in Mitz to facilitate discussion about the company’s progress and how they can further improve their policies and processes. Proposed improvements included doing a quarterly review on the company’s performance based on the merits proposed at the AGM.
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