Retooled Refinishining: Garmat develops walk-up COVID-19 testing booth

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Garmat USA has retooled a paint booth design to develop a walk-up testing booth for COVID-19.

According to the company, the protective screen and built-in chemical and puncture-resistant gloves save on PPE use, as there is no need to remove any PPE between patients. The overhead Hepa filtration introduces clean air to the chamber, while positive pressure keeps contaminants out⁠—thereby keeping the virus from entering the box, says Garmat. It can be used indoor or outdoor.

Garmat said the testing booth “went from conception to completion in less than a week,” and “all hands were on deck working to get the model completed.”

Click here more information on the testing booth, or here to contact Garmat for more information.

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