Recruitment Redial: Alberta is Calling campaign enters phase 2, ‘doubling down on efforts to attract talent’

Edmonton, Alberta — Torontonians and West Coasters be warned; there are Albertans loose in your area, looking to convince you to come work in the Wild Rose province as the “Alberta is Calling” campaign begins its second phase—and always remember—they may be skilled with lassos.

Following the lead of Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia in their efforts to bolster their respective skilled trades industries with bold recruitment campaigns, Alberta is a month into its own recruitment effort which aims at convincing residents of two of Canada’s most expensive cities that everything they could ever need is in Alberta—and much cheaper, too.

Residents of Toronto’s downtown core have probably already stumbled across the massive Alberta is Calling mural posted up at the Bloor and Yonge TTC station, and Vancouverites have no doubt looked up to see a few billboards proselytizing the allure of Canada’s cowboy country.

Alberta premier Jason Kenney held a press conference in front of the Bloor and Yonge mural last Wednesday where he laid out the immediate benefits to employment in the province, pointing to high rates of employment growth, higher median after-tax incomes and more affordable housing.

According to Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) data, the average home sale price over the last three years in Edmonton was $383,000—34 percent of the price of a home in Greater Vancouver and 38 percent of the price of a home in Greater Toronto, respectively.

“We are very happy with the response we have received from the launch of the first phase of the Alberta is Calling campaign,” said Premier Kenney.

“The incredible interest in the campaign website, as well as engagement across our social media channels, shows that this campaign is landing with Canadians. They are clearly seeing the benefits of life in Alberta, and they want to find out more.”

The Alberta is Calling campaign is expected to cost the province $2.6 million as it rolls out billboards, radio and newspaper ads and social media initiatives across the two cities.


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