Recalls Squared: Hyundai issues recall of 2018 IONIQ to fix previous recall error

Toronto, Ontario — A 2018 recall of 10,000 2017/2018 Ioniqs has proved ineffective as Hyundai has recalled the same vehicles due to an issue with the replacement part.

The issue concerns a fire risk in the vehicle’s power relay assembly. Located under the rear seats, a loose connection between the main relay and the power relay assembly causes an increased chance of overheating within the vehicle. This can lead to potential fire within the vehicles.

The 2017 and 2018 versions of the Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid and regular Hybird vehicles were recalled due to this issue. Initially, the company changed suppliers, repairing the Ioniqs in question with the new supplier’s replacement parts.

However, these same vehicles are being recalled again, as the initial faulty part was replaced with another defective part. This means that the same 10.5k units are being recalled for the second time.

While almost 11,000 vehicles were recalled initially, only 754 Canadian vehicles were affected in the 2018 recall.

Dealers will inspect affected vehicles and replace necessary parts free of charge.

Hyundai urges vehicle owners to have their vehicles inspected for a second time, even if they have had the part replaced in the past.

There have been no reported injuries due the issue.


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