Product Report: Arslan Automotive announces availability of new Accuweld Arc Dent Puller system

Pointe Clare, Quebec — Arslan Automotive is pleased to announce that as of July 30, the company is able to ship the new Accuweld Arc Dent Puller system (#60-TM750FK).

According to the company, the Accuweld Arc Dent Puller system is a high-end synergic welder with programs dedicated to both aluminum and steel and is capable of repairing dents and strengthening thin metal sheets, especially when it comes to aluminum.

The system also features a colour graphic display with a simple-to-use interface, with customizable and storable programs. Plus, an SD-Card to update and add programs.

“A lot of shops have been waiting in anticipation for this new compact inverter-based Arc Pull unit that works with both aluminum and steel,” said Arman Gurarslan, president of Arslan Automotive. “In addition to studs, you can also work with steel and aluminum nails and pull tabs–straight and twist. The welding power is excellent: once you weld, it is an extremely strong tack.”

Accuweld is a trademark of Arslan Automotive Canada.

Click here for more information on the Accuweld Arc Dent Puller system.


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