PractiCar adds car rental income to your collision repair business

By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario — December 5, 2018 — PractiCar Car and Truck Rentals is helping collision repair facilities around Canada become a one-stop-shop for all their consumer’s needs. The Calgary based company, which has over 35 locations across Canada, provides repair businesses with a license to rent vehicles to their customers.

“PractiCar partners with established collision repair businesses to help them provide car rental services to their customers,” said Joseph Donaldson, manager at PractiCar. “Why should a collision repair business have to send their customers down the street to rent a car when the repair shop can have their own rental vehicles and capture that rental income for themselves?” said Donaldson.

Established in 1976, PractiCar has become a leader in car rental solutions, both for the end consumer and operating proprietor. An existing collision repair business working with PractiCar can add a new income stream, and convenience to its customers, without having to undergo a physical renovation or add staff.

“PractiCar has had a lot of interest among collision repair businesses who are looking at ways to enhance the customer experience,” said Donaldson. “Adding in house car rental provides convenience for existing customers and helps differentiate the repair business from its competitors. A repair business can truly become a one stop shop for their customers.”

Collision repair businesses can leverage PractiCar’s national auto insurance program, benefit from a network spanning coast to coast, and gain access to PractiCar’s counter system software and central reservation system, via their website at practicar.ca.


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