PPG teams with CosmosSync to introduce new app to enhance efficiency

PPG teams with CosmosSync to introduce new app to enhance efficiency

Mississauga, Ontario — June 25, 2015

PPG Canada’s Automotive Refinish division has teamed up with Montreal-based CosmosSync to provide PPG collision centres with an app designed to improve their data management and communications operations. The announcement was made by Norm Angrove, Director Refinish Canada, PPG Canada, and David Richard, Business Mobile Solutions CEO.

PPG has exclusive Canadian rights to the new app, CosmosSync CI, from Business Mobile Solutions

The CosmosSync app has been developed to heighten team communication and business efficiency in the collision industry. It offers a spectrum of features that automate Internet communication regarding workshop requests, facilitate repair documentation and directly transmit communications to the right people, in real time.

A statement from PPG says these functions help speed up the entire collision management process and boost revenues through reduced expenses and greater shop productivity. According to Richard, however, the app should not be regarded as a shop management system.

“CosmosSync is a simple, easy-to-use add-on that can optimize shop profits and increase savings in business operations,” says Richard. “This is a tool that will allow collision centres to work smarter and manage everything by eliminating much of the paperwork that slows things down. CosmosSync can compile data, take and annotate photographs, upload files to computers and so much more. Repair documentation accuracy will improve and errors decrease.”

Richard adds that CosmosSync provides comprehensive data management and close follow-up on actions and activities related to each customer file, moving the repair process forward in a timely manner. PPG’s Angrove shares that view.

“PPG customers will quickly appreciate how CosmosSync simplifies their day-to-day operations,” says Angrove. “By using CosmosSync, PPG collision centres will boost throughput by spending less time on paper-driven documentation. Instead of being mired in time-consuming procedures, collision centers can focus on the repair job itself. With CosmosSync, PPG customers will have a distinct advantage over competitive shops that still operate on dated systems.”

CosmosSync, patent-pending, operates through most mobile devices including iPhone, Android and Blackberry systems and is available in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.

For more information about CosmosSync and PPG Canada’s Automotive Refinish products and services, please visit ca.ppgrefinish.com.


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