Polyvance introduces Bumper Mate 2 workstation

The new 6075 Bumper Mate 2 workstation from Polyvance.

Rainsville, Alabama — March 17, 2016 — Polyvance has released the new 6075 Bumper Mate 2. According to a statement from the company, the new unit makes it easy for a repair technician to hold floppy plastic bumper covers solidly in place so repairs can be made most efficiently. Polyvance says one technician can fixture the bumper and do the needed repair work without any additional help.

Weighing only 12 lbs., the Bumper Mate 2 is constructed with a plywood tabletop and aluminum extrusions for minimum space requirements. It folds open and sits on top of a common folding work stand. The aluminum extension arms support the ends of the bumper and Polyvance says the cutouts in the tabletop make it easy to secure the bumper cover using spring clamps or bungee cords.

The table can be dropped down with the extension arms resting on the chains to support the bumper in a face-down position so work may be performed on the backside of the bumper easily. The rectangular cutouts in the table top allow for awkwardly shaped headlights to be fixtured securely as well.

According to a statement from Polyvance, everything about the new Bumper Mate 2 has been designed with the repair technician in mind, building off the 35 years of experience Polyvance has in creating plastic repair and refinishing products.

For more information, please visit polyvance.com.


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