PDR Canada creates paintless dent repair tools for aluminum

Domenic Serra, Brandon Serra,Eric Lemke and Jake Serra of PDR Canada display the company's new specialized tools for paintless dent repair to aluminum.

By Barett Poley

Edmonton Alberta — April 23, 2017 — PDR Canada is breaking ground with a new product for paintless dent repair (PDR) on aluminum. The tools use a special coating that doesn’t damage aluminum.

The thought of an aluminum-compatible PDR device had been floating around the company for quite some time, according to Domenic Serra, founder of PDR Canada and inventor of the system. He says that once they got it off the ground, they saw some real results.

“We’ve been working on aluminum for years, since the 1990s, but now it’s more and more commonplace,” says Serra, “We realized that we needed a system for our shops that protects against galvanic corrosion, protects the tools and protects the OEM warranties on our customers’ vehicles.”

Serra says that the trick is in a special coating. “What we use is a process of coating paintless dent repair tools to protect against galvanic corrosion,” says Serra.

Serra and his team have used these tools in the field. “We have hand-selected tools for our kit that work great,” says Serra. “We are now using our special tool kit at all of our company locations in Simcoe, Ontario, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Wetaskiwin, Alberta. We are presently using our aluminum safe tool kit to repair vehicles in the field and find them to be a great addition to our arsenal.”

Serra says that he expects a boom once the patents come through for the tools. “If there’s one thing I want people to know, it’s that this isn’t a gimmick. We are using this in the field, and it’s unlike anything we’ve used. We are standing behind our discovery.”


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