Pay Up: Mazda responsible for compensating dent damage due to undisclosed Mazda 3 defects

Montreal, Quebec – A July 15 ruling by Quebec’s Court of Appeal will allow the owners of Mazda 3s to claim compensation from Mazda Canada, but only if they were victims of car attacks and attempted thefts that left dents around the driver’s door handle.

Despite the oddly specific claim, this verdict makes more sense once people realize that these vehicle models had known defects which made them more lucrative targets for the well-read carjacker.

According to the court, Mazda 3 vehicles between the model years 2004 to 2007 had defective locking systems that increased the likelihood of criminal activity. Most importantly, this information was not disclosed to the owners of these vehicles.

According to the Woods LLP law firm, individual claims may receive compensation for damage repair costs to the driver’s side door caused during an attempted or successful malicious intrusion, stolen items during the intrusion, and insurance deductions related to car damage or lost contents.

At the time of writing, Mazda has not responded to an inquiry by Media Matters Inc.



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