Orb Health Unites with Bueno Healthcare to Drive Expanded Patient Access in Puerto Rico

Enterprise Virtual Care solution provides cohesive patient coordination across disparate critical care services that drives unprecedented outcomes without adding resources.

RICHARDSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Orb Health, the leader in Enterprise Virtual Care for scaling Patient Access, Chronic Care, and beyond, announced today it has partnered with healthcare visionary Bueno Healthcare to expand patient coordination across multiple health services for the people of Puerto Rico. Orb Health’s unique solution has driven unparalleled patient outcomes across diverse patient populations and will empower Bueno’s healthcare provider partners to achieve these same results without adding additional infrastructure, resources, or employees.

“Puerto Rico is a rich tapestry of vibrant people that utilize a diverse range of healthcare options. However, they are missing key services for chronic care management, as well as a cohesive way to coordinate their care so they can maximize their health,” said Armando J. Collazo, Founder and Chairman Bueno Healthcare. “We searched for an established partner that not only expanded patient access and provided proven outcomes in Chronic Care but also shared our vision for transforming healthcare into a patient-centric service that drives real change in the wellbeing of the chronically ill and beyond.”

Enterprise Virtual Care™ rapidly expands patient access and enables the highly effective delivery of chronic care, patient support, and outbound clinical campaigns (such as COVID-19 vaccine coordination) as a virtual extension of the health system without adding staff, apps, infrastructure, or budget. Orb Health’s partner-based approach effectively scales care capacity as a seamless, collaborative experience that maintains the practices high standards of patient care. Patients realize improved access, outcomes, and satisfaction while the health systems and centers increase reimbursements, advance quality measures, and bend the economics of healthcare.

An independent Patient Outcomes study on the real-world results of Orb Health’s solution showed a 54% decrease in Emergency Department (ED) visits for Chronic Care patients with 6 or more chronic conditions within 9 months of implementation resulting in $6.22 million of projected annual Medicare savings per 1,000 patients. On the patient access side, Orb Health produced a 22% increase in schedule utilization resulting in 2.8 additional patient visits a year while reducing overall patient costs by 26%.

“Orb Health has enabled health systems and centers to be successful by rapidly expanding patient access through a turn-key, scalable solution that proactively services patients as an extension of the practice without needing additional resources or personnel,” said Bryan Krastins, CEO at Orb Health. “By combining our technology and services with Bueno Healthcare, we have the perfect solution to help providers in Puerto Rico expand the care coordination capabilities of their practices that result in proven patient outcomes. This result is nothing short of transformational for the people of Puerto Rico.”

About Orb Health

Orb Health is based in Richardson, Texas, and partners with leading Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), healthcare systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Community Health Centers (CHCs), and Revenue Cycle Management firms to improve patient outcomes and accelerate the transition to value-based profitability. Our industry-leading Enterprise Virtual Care™ solution enables providers to seamlessly increase care capacity for chronic care, patient support, and outbound campaigns that deliver reimbursable, collaborative, patient-centric care coordination as an extension of the practice without requiring additional staff, applications, or office space. All stakeholders in the patient’s outcome work as a cohesive unit through a holistic approach that drives significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction while increasing reimbursements and lowering the cost curve of chronic care and beyond. For more information, please visit orbhealth.com.

About Bueno Healthcare

BuenoPR LLC is a smart digital holding & management company based in Puerto Rico that evolved from Programa Educativo de Salud Integral, Inc., a company that operated in Puerto Rico from 1994 – 2010, that managed over 600,000 Medicare & Medicaid chronic care patients annually. We are focused on building smart, scalable healthcare infrastructure, driven by clinical data, that proactively and intelligently manages our Hispanic population’s healthcare risks and conditions. We bring together, innovative, tech-driven companies that enhance our mission of offering the best care through a smart ecosystem that drives transformative economic & health-based outcomes.


Media Contacts:

For Orb Health
Chad Jones, Chief Strategy Officer

Chad.Jones@OrbHealth.com | 857-891-4283

For Bueno
Armando James, Founder & Chairman

armandojames@BuenoPR.com | 787.249.5102


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