OMVIC suspends Smith Falls dealership

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — February 20, 2019 — OMVIC, Ontario’s vehicle sales regulator, has issued an immediate suspension of Tom Pirie Motor Sales operated by Thomas Pirie.

The immediate suspension of Tom Pirie Motor Sales was triggered after consumer complaints and an OMVIC inspection. 

The dealer allegedly sold 46 vehicles without first discharging liens registered against the vehicles, along with failing to remit payments to an extended warranty company for 24 warranties putting customers at risk of not having coverage. He is also accused of obstructing the inspection of his facilities and failing to provide records to OMVIC as required.

In one instance, OMVIC alleges a consumer purchased a vehicle from the dealer: the contract included the customer’s trade-in and set out the dealer’s responsibility to pay off the loan on the trade. The dealer failed to do so leaving the customer responsible for the debt.

In another similar case, the dealer allegedly took six months to pay off the loan on a trade-in resulting in the consumer making 13 additional loan payments on a vehicle she no longer owned.

According to OMVIC CEO and Registrar John Carmichael, immediate suspension orders are only issued when the regulator believes a “dealer’s conduct may place the car-buying public at risk.” 

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