No-Contact in Norway: New tool for touch-free service

Bergen, Norway —  A Norwegian company says its app allows repair businesses to conduct work without physical contact with customers–a box allowing for customers to drop-off and pick-up keys.

“The new S18-Safe Service Station has more features than just exchanging keys. The real value in the cabinet is embedded in the software, where integrations with external systems that are being used in the car industry, such as payment and booking systems, all come together. We constantly focus on optimizing the software and adding new integrations to keep our S18-Safe ServiceStation the best in the market,” wrote Arne Eivind Andersen, the CEO of Sharebox.

Originally developed by the firm as a way of allowing auto aftermarket businesses to provide round-the-clock vehicle pick-up and drop-offs, the  S-18 Safe ServiceStation has found a new appeal since the outbreak of Covid-19.

“Being in the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 we saw a unique business opportunity for our newly developed S18-Safe ServiceStation and sat in all sails in order for the insurance approval to go through,” wrote Andersen.

The S18-Safe ServiceStation was developed in a collaboration between Sharebox, Mekonomen Group and Innovation Norway.

“Sharebox has it’s own front and back-end technology, designed with features that allows for opening/closing lockers, gates, ports and simplifies all aspects within industries focusing on check-in/out solutions with or without payments,” the company explains in a press release.

For more information on how S18-Safe ServiceStation was developed, check out this video.



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