Nissan puts Saudi women behind the wheel with surprise instructors

Nissan has released a new video celebrating the change to Saudia Arabia's driving laws.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — February 5, 2018 –– Five months after the historic change in Saudi Arabia’s laws finally allowing female citizens to earn drivers licenses, women claim they are still facing reluctance from some of their family members. To help overcome this, Nissan offered a group of aspiring female motorists the chance to get in the driver’s seat for the first time. They were told an instructor would be in the passenger’s seat to help the soon-to-be drivers hone their skills and build confidence on a closed driving course. But, there was a plot twist. Instead of professional instructors, the women were met by their respective husbands, fathers and brothers, who were their teachers for the day.
“2018 is earmarked to be a pivotal moment in history for women in the kingdom,” said Bader Al Houssami, Chief Operating Officer, Nissan Saudi Arabia. “We wanted to launch a campaign that’s just as emotional as it is innovative, which ultimately is at the heart of what we at Nissan strive to achieve. The #SheDrives campaign aims to motivate women all over Saudi Arabia with a clear message: When the time comes, the decision to drive will be entirely yours.”

The video is part of Nissan’s #SheDrives campaign, encouraging women to embrace the exciting becoming fully licensed drivers in 2018.   

Nissan Saudi Arabia invites viewers to share their reactions to the video and their messages of support by using the hashtag #SheDrives on social media.
For more information about the #SheDrives campaign, visit nissan.ca.




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