By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – April 3, 2019 – Canadian Industry Information Assistance announced that the offering a new 2019 basic estimating/insurance protocols course to help shop or office employees, new estimators, and insurance company staff with estimating collision damage on cars and trucks in Ontario.

This three-day course will be held at the CIIA training centre in Brampton, Ont. and will go over an introduction to estimating, understanding vehicle construction, the fundamentals of estimate writing, understanding collision manuals, additional charges, and collision damage analysis.

The class also includes a full day on insurance protocols such as managing KPIs, advanced technology explanations, tools for estimators, procedure pages, data look-ups, refinish and LKQ parts for better communications with insurance professionals.

The course is scheduled to take place on Tues. April 30, Thurs. May 2 and Sat. May 4.

Students can register by contacting the Association office at 1-866-309-4272 or e-mailing


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