By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- March 25, 2019 -- The Automotive Industry Association (AIA) Canada will be holding its first training session about working with electric and hybrid vehicles from the mechanical repair perspective on April 10.

CEO of the Automotive Career Development Centre in Massachusetts, Craig Van Batenburg will be instructing the class of 40 to 50 technicians and managers.

"Attendees will have the opportunity to ask me any questions they have about hybrid and electric vehicles," said Van Batenburg. "More importantly, the day will provide business owners with a great learning experience on how to improve their shops." 

The five-hour class will go over a number of topics including the introduction of EVs and PHEVs currently sold, the difference between PHEV and EVs, the safety equipment that should be used, how to get hybrid and electric vehicle owners to your shop, how to test electric motors, and the top five reasons why a Prius wont start, plus much more.

"As in the mechanical sector, the number of EV and PHEV vehicles showing up at shops has been minimal over the past decade but is starting to grow. These automobiles have very different and important safety considerations during collision repair and specific knowledge is critical," said senior director of industry programs for the AIA Canada, Andrew Shepherd.


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