WorldSkills competitors, experts, trainers and SATA staff at the training centre on Mar. 19.

Toronto, Ontario -- March 19, 2019 -- Six competitors and their trainers gathered near Toronto this week in preparation for the car painting competition at WorldSkills later this year.

The Skills Canada auto painting team hosted several other World Skills teams at SATA Canada's training centre in Vaughan, Ont.

Participants and experts from Denmark, Germany, Spain and the U.S. attended the event, which serves as a practice opportunity for the young painters, and allows them to experience some of the mental challenges they will face during the competition.

Cecile Bukmeier, the designated expert for Canada's car painting team, explains that these training/challenge events "get competitors out of their comfort zone." The events also allow the participants to become familiar with the tools and equipment the will use at WorldSkills in Kazan, Russia, in August.

Sponsors for this Canadian preparatory event were: SATA, BASF, Collision 360 Refinish Supply, Consolidated Dealers Co-op, Mirka, LKQ and 3M.


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