By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- October 10, 2018 -- Polyvance has given its endorsement to I-CAR’s new Sustaining Partner Program.

With Polyvance being a part of I-CAR’s Industry Training Alliance program since 2015, they offer the only recognized hands-on nitrogen plastic welding training in the industry. 

The Industry Training Alliance recognizes training provided by industry partners like Polyvance by allowing students to redeem such training for I-CAR continuing education credit hours. 

However, up until this point, technicians would have to pay I-CAR credit hours for training provided under the Industry Training Alliance program. 

Now, with the advent of the Sustaining Partner program, I-CAR will no longer require the technician to pay for credit hours – I-CAR credits will come at no additional cost when training is provided by Sustaining Partners, like Polyvance. This should serve to encourage shops and technicians to do more training, thus supporting I-CAR’s goal of ensuring complete, safe, and quality repairs.

Polyvance currently offers five different courses on plastic repair – three hands-on and two online self-paced courses. The online courses include the new EPR-01 estimating plastic repair course that is held in conjunction with the accountable estimating for $129 and the PR-03 headlight repair course for $49.  

For more information on Polyvance’s plastic repair training, go to


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