Hamilton, Ontario -- August 30, 2018 -- Car-O-Liner distributor Flatline Collision Repair Technology Specialists has partnered with CARSTAR to host an educational session with representatives of the collision repair and insurance industries.

With the array of new features and technologies lining modern vehicles, the event was designed to educate attendees about the equipment and procedures involved in electronic measuring.

“Providing comprehensive diagnostics has been a long-standing commitment for CARSTAR, as we see that it reduces cycle time, increases job quality and achieves on-time delivery which all improves the customer experience,” says CARSTAR’s director of EDGE performance Bill Davidge.

Electronic measuring equipment has traditionally existed to measure the effects of a collision by looking at the height, width and length of a vehicle. Now, in order for sensors and cameras to work as designed, it is crucial that all of the component parts are correctly aligned.

“We work in close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers around the world to measure new and updated vehicle models by our international team of trained measuring engineers. This provides consistent access to current and reliable data including all crucial references,” says Car-O-Liner’s OEM account manager Carl Boyer. “Using our measuring specifications increases the productivity and the efficiency of the work while adequately documenting the damage, ensuring the vehicle is repaired within OEM frame specifications.”

The educational session proved valuable for all attendees, taking away some history about the evolution of electronic measuring and the importance of accuracy, demonstrating how important it is for collision repair facilities to embrace the new technology.

For more information CARSTAR, visit CARSTAR.ca


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