By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- August 15, 2018 -- I-CAR announced a number of different enhancements designed to better serve the needs of the collision repair inter-industry for their core education and recognition programming.

I-CAR CEO & president John Van Alstyne announced these enhancements and others at NACE Automechanika in Atlanta. Some of the enhancements will include an optional Aluminum Structural Gold Class recognition for shops that complete the I-CAR’s alumunim structural requirements.

There will be a complete refresher of all core curriculum courses aligned to the updated Protocol which will incorporate more hands-on live training, shorter course times and more online courses with increased interactivity. This all leads to less time out of shop and off the floor for technicians.

Some other enhancements include:

  • Increased frequency of Welding Training & Certification skill reverification, moving from 5 years to 3 years, and no longer requiring course repeat when skills are reverified.
  • Automatic recognition for training with other providers that are I-CAR Sustaining Partners through I-CAR's Training Alliance
  • Industry Training Relative to I-CAR Knowledge and Skills Area published as a companion cross-walk to acknowledge both OEM and Supplier Training Alliance courses approved to Protocol and Alliance qualification criteria
  • New tools for completing, planning and tracking I-CAR training
  • New learning interfaces, mobile technology and reporting functionality to make completing, tracking and planning I-CAR training much easier for customers
  • An unlimited training subscription for Gold Class shops to protect shops from turnover, and encourage building bench strength by better training for all technicians
  • The enhancements will elevate industry training standards and provide a more relevant and affordable solution to the collision repair industry, while making it also easier for customers to interact with I-CAR.

"For nearly 40 years, I-CAR has served as the industry's trusted partner for knowledge building," Van Alstyne said.

"As the automotive industry is now moving faster than ever before, and with support of our industry stakeholders, we made a conscious decision that it is time for the knowledge and skills bar to rise. At the same time, it is time for I-CAR's programming to also make a bold step forward. Vehicle repairs today are more challenging than ever and will become increasingly complicated as we move toward the future. I-CAR's new programs, services and technology have been designed to keep pace with the rate of innovation our industry is seeing," he said.

"Consistent with I-CAR's industry defined vision statement, we call on every shop and every technician to take that next step to train. Our 2019 programming will be better than ever, and in return, the knowledge gained will better prepare you for what's ahead, while also instilling confidence that you are doing what you can to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of your customers. By doing the right things, especially gaining proper levels of training, not only can you survive the Technical Tsunami, you can thrive while doing so."


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