David Ribeiro,  pictured above, discusses different components of the CCR program.

By David Ribeiro

Toronto, Ontario -- August 3, 2017 -- 

David Ribeiro, Industry Relations Advisor at Automotive Retailers Association, illuminates just what the Certified Colliiaion Repair program is ...

Did you know that by being certified by the ARA under the Certified Collision Repair (CCR) program, you become automatically CCIAP accredited? Did you know that the CCIAP program was based off the CCR program? The following article discusses some interesting aspects of the CCR program. 

1. The CCR program. along with CCIAP, has established a core shop standard for equipment, training, procedures and general business requirements that match those standards developed by the vast majority of Canadian vehicle manufacturers.

2. The ARA and AIA have synchronized the CCR program so that the industry in BC only needs to apply to one program. The benefit of doing so is that it helps demonstrate to OE’s and insurers that we have industry backing for a made-in-Canada solution. The ARA has chosen to significantly discount the cost of the program for our industry members in BC to demonstrate the value we place on being an ARA member.

3. The ARA and AIA have a memorandum of understanding where the ARA administers the CCR program in BC and AIA administers CCIAP in the balance of Canada. In either case the industry member is registered nationally. It really demonstrates how two non-profit associations are able to work together for the overall benefit of the Canadian Collision Industry.

Please visit the ara.bc.ca/certified-collision-repair-program/ for details on becoming a member of the CCR program.



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