Collin Welsh of CARSTAR conducting one of the broker education classes.

Toronto, Ontario -- May 3, 2017 -- CARSTAR and Discount Car and Truck Rentals have recently concluded joint training sessions for members of the Insurance Brokers of Toronto Region (IBTR). The events were part of the RIBO Lunch and Learn series.

The training events took place at Discount Car and Truck Rental’s Canadian head office in Toronto. Four sessions scheduled on two different days covered a wide variety of topics. The overall focus of the training was Auto Insurance Claims: Rental and Repair.

Various courses were presented to the attending brokers. “Keys to Keys” and “Total Losses” were presented by CARSTAR. Both days included “Understanding the Insurance Replacement Rental Process,” presented by Discount Car and Truck Rentals.

“Keys to Keys” focuses on the CARSTAR repair process, filling brokers in on what they need to know about how CARSTAR handles customers and repair orders, including the steps repairers must take to ensure the claims experience is a positive one for customers.

“Total Losses” dug into the reasons for the growing number of total losses in today’s marketplace by providing industry statistics and looking at the key reasons vehicles are deemed a total loss by insurance carriers. The session also included information on how brokers can negotiate and possibly overcome the total loss, and general background on how to help clients through this process.

Collin Welsh is a Regional Development Manager with CARSTAR. He facilitated the two CARSTAR-focused courses.

“Our continued objective through RIBO training is to enhance the knowledge and communication between brokers and their clients to improve the claims experience overall,” says Welsh. “Through feedback from these courses which we host throughout the province, we are achieving just that.”

Discount Car and Truck Rental’s course, "Insurance Replacement Rental Process" focused on giving brokers an in-depth perspective on the rental process from the start of the claim until the insured is back in their vehicle. Courtney Thompson Account Coordinator, Insurance Sales facilitated the course.

“The topics we covered include our policies and underwriting practices, as well as common questions and scenarios a policyholder may face during the rental process,” says Thompson. “We’re focused on maintaining relationships with our brokers locally, as well as across Ontario and Canada.”

One of the training sessions also included a tour of a CARSTAR location to give the attending brokers more insight into the repair process.

Brokers and others interested in attending a RIBO Lunch and Learn event are encouraged to contact Courtney Thompson at and Collin Welsh at

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