Tom McGee of Spanesi Americas leads a training session at CARSTAR Oakville East.

By Mike Davey

Oakville, Ontario -- February 1, 2017 -- CARSTAR Oakville East recently hosted a training session designed to optimize the use of the Spanesi Touch system. The training was conducted by Anthony Iaboni of Collision 360 and Tom McGee of Spanesi Americas. The session itself was primarily geared towards those who are already using the Spanesi Touch.

“There were some people at the training who were considering buying it, but most of them were existing users of the Spanesi Touch,” says Iaboni. “This session was really about teaching them how to get the most out of the system.”

Vehicle tolerance limits continue to narrow, which means measurements have to be as accurate as possible. In turn, this makes it critical that sensors are correctly placed and aligned to ensure the system is operating at its full capabilities.

“We’ve had the system for years, but there’s always something new to learn,” says Lorenzo Pellicciotta, owner of CARSTAR Oakville East. Pellicciotta also owns another CARSTAR facility in the city, CARSTAR Oakville West. “All of my techs have used it, but I know they got some good pointers out of the training. Sometimes, especially with the older guys, they may tend to shy away from the computer technology. It’s good for them to have this sort of hands-on training where they can learn the fine details of the equipment.”

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