Jay Perry, columnist for Collision Repair magazine, also provides tips on leadership and training through his blog.

Toronto, Ontario -- February 1, 2017 -- You may know Jay Perry from his consultancy work, his long-running column in Collision Repair magazine or as the author of the best-selling book “Success Manifesto.” What you may not know is that Perry also maintains a blog where he often dispenses quick tips for finding success with training, leadership and more.

Recently, Perry blogged about how to avoid some common mistakes when it comes to training.

“There are two major mistakes manager/owners make in the way they approach training staff.
#1. Being too impatient.

This can easily be seen with newbies but I see it consistently with existing staff too.

Almost everything we learn is through modelling, which means we see a demonstration then we apply ourselves to executing the task in accordance to what we think we saw. This usually takes practice and I see an impatience in giving enough time (and budget) to trying things, analyzing the results, adjusting the course and trying it again.

#2. Trying to do it themselves.

There is a big difference between understanding something and being able to teach it.

I once had a client tell me that the best thing about using me in his organization was that I believed and said the same thing he did, but it was received better from me than it was from him. What he didn’t realize was that I have been trained as a teacher in addition to having the knowledge in common.”

Check out Perry’s blog at this link for more tips and watch for his upcoming column in the next issue of Collision Repair magazine!


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