By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – February 27, 2019 – Media Matters is proud to announce the release of this year’s edition of the Canadian Auto Recyclers Magazine.

The 2019 edition takes a look at the auto recycling events that occurred over the course of 2018, as well as ones to attend this year! Not to mention, we have included the updates from all the regional auto recycling associations and details around last years Tundra-Take Back initiative, plus so much more!

In this annual issue’s cover, Unbreakable, Frank Serravalle shares his visionary fight to energize and innovate the family business, Thorold Auto Parts and Recycling. In this inspiring story, he tells us how he took charge of the business after his father suffered from a terrible accident years ago leaving him a paraplegic. 

To read this issue of Canadian Auto Recyclers online click here.


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