REC developed two depollution systems for Canada in partnership with Iris-Mec. The IBQ compact drainage system (shown here) has the same features as the ISQ and includes a built-in vehicle stand.

Waterloo, Ontario -- February 1, 2017 -- The new end-of-life vehicle (ELV) processing regulations now in force in Ontario and coming to other provinces are having a significant impact on the automobile recycling sector. With the increased depollution requirements, Recycling Equipment Canada (REC) based in Waterloo, Ontario, set out to find the safest, easiest-to-use and highest-quality solution to enable its auto recycling customers to meet the new standards. REC focused its search on Europe where similar regulations have been in place longer, and concluded that Iris-Mec equipment was the right choice. Since launching Iris-Mec in Canada in 2014, REC says it has sold many systems to used auto parts and scrap metal recycling customers.

“We reviewed all the leading manufacturers and chose Iris-Mec because of its proven track record, its simple, rugged design, and ease of operation,” says Pete Mulvany, CEO of REC. “Iris-Mec is also competitively priced compared to other systems, maximizing profit opportunities for our customers.”

According to REC, key features and benefits of Iris-Mec equipment include:

  • Iris-Mec vehicle drainage systems are pneumatic and require only an air compressor to operate.
  • All the hands-free drainage tools are completely self-supporting. There is nothing on casters or wheels to be moved around the shop floor.
  • Iris-Mec’s unique hands-free fuel extractor drill is fully self-supporting. This ensures maximum drainage because no jack is required to hold it in place, meaning it’s always at the lowest point of the tank. The drill also has a much larger sealing bellows, which eliminates fuel spillage.
  • The systems are modular and can be configured to deal with all fluids that need to be removed: gasoline, diesel, engine oil, transmission and differential fluids, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant and washer fluid. It’s easy to add on any other fluids that may be required in the future, such as shock absorber fluid.

REC worked with Iris-Mec to develop two standard depollution systems that are optimized for auto dismantlers and scrap processors in Canada. These simple, single-unit systems enable customers to meet all Canadian regulations quickly and efficiently:

  • For auto dismantlers recovering used parts, the ISQ compact drainage system allows for the most efficient throughput of fluid removal without damaging car parts. Its compact, narrow footprint allows it to fit between two lifts, so the operator can work on two vehicles at once.
  • For scrap dealers who are processing vehicles directly to scrap, the IBQ compact drainage system has the same features as the ISQ and includes a built-in vehicle stand. This allows cars to be placed on the stand using a front-end loader, eliminating the need to install lifts.

REC worked with Iris-Mec to develop two systems for Canada. The ISQ (shown here) 
has a compact, narrow footprint allows it to fit between two lifts, so the operator
can work on two vehicles at once.



“Our Iris-Mec ISQ systems are excellent value. They were easy to install, and are simple to operate and maintain. If you’re looking for a solution to increase your productivity, Iris-Mec is a great choice,” says Chris Miller, co-owner of Miller’s Auto Recycling in Fort Erie, Ontario.

Italian-based Iris-Mec manufacturers a comprehensive range of equipment including complete compact drainage systems, vehicle lifts, racks, airbag deactivators, glass cutters, wheel splitters, containment tanks, and gasoline extractors, all available in Canada through REC.

Mulvany says that Iris-Mec impressed him with their dedication to customer service and accessibility, as well as their technology. “The people at Iris-Mec are great to work with. We deal directly with the owners of the company, and have direct access to senior engineers for any system design and support we need,” says Mulvany.

REC is able to offer a complete package for processors who are starting from scratch, and can help optimize the design of expanded or new facilities. REC also offers parts and accessories for all Iris-Mec equipment, and stocks service items and common wear parts for same-day shipping. For more information, please contact REC at 866-496-4955 or visit


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