Toronto, Ontario -- August 6, 2019 -- Equipped with dual inlet reverse incline fans with airfoil blades, the Garmat Autoquip 3000 Series Spray Booths is the top-of-the-line downdraft spray booth.

The 3000 series spray booth provides great lighting, that was intentionally designed horizontally for virtually shadow-free illumination.

With easy-to-use touch screen controls, the Autoquip Spray Booth comes with lightweight and efficient grates.

Garmat Autoquipp 3000 Series Spray Booth also comes with Trifold entry doors with a sleek and smooth interior profile and heavy-duty hinges. 

With consistent airflow for a high-quality paint job, the 3000 Series Spray Booth is perfect for auto painters who want to provide their customers with an effective and high-quality paint job. 



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