Toronto, Ontario -- July 23, 2019 -- The 3680 Smart-Plus Resistance Spot Welder by Arslan Automotive is an easy-to-use and fully water-cooled product. 

Using smart-technology, the spot welder is controlled by a microprocessor and is fully automatic without needing any operator input. Welders also have less autonomous options, by selecting either Quick Mode or Full Mode for more control.

Not only does the 3680 Smart-Plus Resistance Spot Welder use top-of-the-line technology, but it also has a USB port that downloads and stores all weld records and is approved for weld bonding. 

Meeting OEM standards and having an output power 14, 000 amps at cap, the 3680 Smart-Plus Resistance Spot Welder comes with many accessories and is easy to use.

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