By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- April 2, 2019 -- For those pursuing the Ford F-150 aluminum certification program, Grade A Tools offers an aluminum small tool kit that has each item required by the program.

This kit is sold separately from the aluminum repair station (DF-900DX). Shops will need both items to be certified for the F-150 Program.
Grade A Tools’ part number GAT-300-F150-SMTK contains all the parts as required in the certification’s part number 300-F150COLLKIT.

Among other items, it includes a six-drawer professional cart by Sunex, 3M™ file belt sander; door hemming chisel/closer; Huck AK175A air power riveter; four-piece aluminum hammer kit; ACAT 4X rivet gun; plus various files, clamps, and pliers.

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