Car-O-Liner’s new CTR 9 automatic welder is designed to allow welders to work efficiently without getting tired.

By CRM staff

Wixom, Michigan – November 2, 2018 – A lightweight transformer gun is the highlight of Car-O-Liner’s new CTR 9 automatic welder. The state-of-the-art unit debuted at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) event.

Car-O-Liner has invested in this new technology to increase welders’ efficiency. The company said the CTR 9 is an upgrade from the CTR 7, which will still be offered, and features several advantages, including a telescopic support arm designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement. The durable, lightweight extruded aluminum arm can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally for an optimum working position.

The CTR 9 also has a lightweight transformer gun made of reinforced fiberglass designed for fast-paced activity, while reducing strain on the body at the same time. It’s robust, yet among the lightest on the market, allowing welders to work efficiently without getting tired.

Other features of the new model are:
Ergo grip – the fully-closed handle fastened at both ends enhances maneuverability and allows operators to hold the gun in a relaxed way in every working position.
Better accessibility – a 6m cable allows operators to reach more parts/sections of the vehicle without moving the machine.

The CTR 9 has a compact power unit with a solid high-strength steel bottom plate. Its low center of gravity provides superior stability and increased mobility. The control unit is easy and intuitive to use.


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